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ESTCube-LuNa: THE ELECTRIC SAIL RIDING ON THE SOLAR WIND / Music: Your Friend Ricci & Reinis Jaunais
ESTCube-LuNa: Electric Sail Test Cube – Lunar Nanospacecraft mission concept seminar
The History of Life, the Universe and Everything
'ESTCube saved my life' short documentary by Tero H. Savolainen
Space Travel Blog

ESTCube-LuNa: ESTCube Lunar Nanospacecraft attitude and navigation

ESTCube-LuNa: ESTCube Lunar Nanospacecraft electric solar wind sail experiment designs


ESTCube-2: Launch updates and flight model assembly, integration and test

Öpik–Oort cloud Comet Interceptor and its OPIC instrument

Deep-space nanospacecraft: the challenges of bringing cubesats to interplanetary space

Electric solar wind sail

Imagine Star Trek

Human impact on the Low Earth Orbit environment

What to do with orbital debris in low Earth orbit?

Plasma brake for deorbiting in low Earth orbit

ESTCube-2: a mission to tackle the space debris problem

Multi-asteroid touring mission concept for studying hundreds of asteroids

ESTCube-2: a mission to brace for deep space

The history and impact of ESTCube-1 (1/2): development of the first electric-sail demonstration

The history and impact of ESTCube-1 (2/2): launch and two years of operations

Photorealism in space mission design

The E-sail tale: a historical view and future perspective

Electric Sail Test Cube lunar nanospacecraft: first solar-wind propulsion experiment mission design


ESA: Vega’s ESTCube-2 tether to the future

ERR: Estonian satellite to enter lunar orbit by 2029

The Orbital Index: Sailing on solar protons

UT Tartu Observatory: Comet Interceptor: development of the main instrument's prototype starts in Tõravere

Aalto University: European Space Agency’s Comet Interceptor enters the mission analysis phase with significant Finnish contributions

UT Tartu Observatory: Estonian technology to be part of the European Space Agency's mission for the first time


ERR: Estonia to take part in European Space Agency mission for first time Estonian CubeSat to test new technologies for future moon-orbiting satellite

Estonian World: Estonia’s mission to the moon could revolutionise space travel

Research Estonia: ESTCube team makes first contract with ESA for building space cameras

Research Estonia: ESTCube-2 blog: why are we studying asteroids?

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